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Our Mission

Our Mission

With all the changes in our industry during the great recession and the changes we have made to our business strategy and practices to adapt to a changing world, one thing that has never changed and will never change is Elite’s core ideology. Our core values and core purpose have remained fixed since our inception. They are what we stand for and why we exist.

Elite’s Core Values:

Five values that guide and inspire our day-to-day operations.

  • Demand more from ourselves and avoid self-satisfaction.
    Passion, guts, commitment…demand personal results…and don’t lose humility.
  • Obliterate complacency for success is never final.
    Success is not a destination. Are we changing to become better?
  • Be entrepreneurial.
    Act like owners…have that entrepreneurial spirit. Nothing will ever be given to anyone…rewards and successes are based on merit. Always ask: Am I changing to become better? Am I learning?
  • Be respectful of others.
    The diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds are more prominent than ever at successful companies and are a key ingredient of being successful. Having people with different backgrounds who share the same values and purpose make for great companies.
  • Give back.
    We must give back to the world and our families.

Elite’s Core Purpose:

To collectively accomplish what none of us could do on our own and our motivation for doing the work we do.

  • To create indoor environments that will enrich the lives of others.
    This is why we come to work and our reason for being.
  • To provide a fun and challenging place for people to work, be successful and be part of a team focused on the endeavor for greatness.
    We collectively strive to provide a fun environment where individuals have a sense of self worth. We’re all part of a team focused on being great.

Elite’s Goal for the Future:

Be known throughout our industry as the most dominant, innovative, progressive flooring contractor there has ever been.